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Research in now proving that Escape Rooms are an effective tool to build skill in the art of team work. We're not saying it, researchers are just stating the facts. Read for yourself in this report.
Saving patient x: A quasi-experimental study of teamwork and performance in simulation following an interprofessional escape room 


Most work environments involve some element of competition . According to Indeed, competition can bring out the best in people. 

Competitive Work Environment: Benefits and How To Thrive

Our games are strategically designed to help teams work together in a fun, exciting environment to beat the clock. Is there a better way to practice working under pressure? We Don't Think So!

Hiring the right candidate

Hiring the right person is a mission critical task. Hiring the wrong person can cost thousands or more to fix. We're breaking new ground with a fun and creative way to help you make your hiring decisions. Bring your candidates to our Escape Rooms and see how they fit with your team. They may tell you that they have good problem solving skills, good teamwork skills, that they adapt well and that they're good under pressure. Let them prove it while you sit with us in the control room and watch. You'll get to see their skills in action. Just call us to schedule this kind of visit. (385)-236-3409