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 It's not just about Escaping the Room,
It's About Escaping the Boring Parts of Your Life!
(You Know Which Parts We're Talking About!)

We have 3 incredible adventures for you to explore.

The Lair of Lunacy

Help the World-Renowed Neuroscientist Dr. Benson Winifred Ornal, a leading researcher in matters of the human mind, to conduct his latest research in his state of the art laboratory. I hope you're not afraid of the dark.

CSI Provo

Help us solve the heinous murder of the well known detective, retired professional football player and family man, Mark Wilson. This beloved member of the community was savagely murdered and we need our best detectives on the job. 


Our deep cover agent Michael Evans disappeared decades ago just before sending Langley the details of a Russian terrorist plot. Thanks to our good friend Dr. Who, you can go back in time to help us put the puzzle pieces together to stop Stalin & this horrible atrocity. 

All our rooms are kid friendly!
We have one scary room perfect the month of October or any other month if you like. It is as scary as a front porch on halloween and it also involves a treat as you exit.

See what the Backman Family had to say about their experience...

benefits of playing Escape rooms

1. Relieve Stress

The well known company Volkswagen is using Escape Rooms to provide stress relief for its employees that are suffering during the company's switch from gas engines to electric power at one of is plants.

2. Build Teamwork Skills and Relationships

Researchers are now finding that Escape Rooms are an effective method of increasing effective teamwork in the work place and elsewhere. If you want to make sure that you have a team that works well together, you should play Escape Rooms together. 

Foltz-Ramos, Fusco, & Paige found scientific proof that nurses who played escape rooms, worked together better after they Escaped together.



If you love to watch movies and imagine that you're the Spy, or you're the Detective solving the crime, you're the one trying to Avoid being turned into a Zombie, WELL STOP IMAGINING AND START LIVING IT!  (In a safely controlled environment, of course.)

benefits For Your Business

If the benefits above are not enough, We have unique features that may interest Decision Makers at your company. 

1. We're open when you need us.

Our regular business hours include normal business hours. If you need something else, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

2. Do you want to make sure you hire the right person?

Hiring the wrong person can be expensive, much more expensive than an escape room. Many companies try to solve this by using pre-employment testing. There are many types of tests for this purpose. There are Skills Tests, Cognitive Tests, Personality Tests, & Emotional Intelligence Tests to name a few.  We have a suggestion and a new opportunity for you to administer one test to find your Goldie Locks. 

If you want to administer all of these other test and find out if your candidate is really a team player, if they are really good under pressure, if they are really good at problem solving, bring your best candidate and some of your team members to our escape rooms. They'll play, and you can observe with us in the control room to see which candidate works best with your team. You'll get to see how they handle pressure with a deadline. You'll see their problem solving skills and their ability to adapt. you'll see their emotions when their successful and when their frustrated. You'll see how they fit into your existing team and lower your hiring risk substantially.

Call or Text us to schedule this type of appointment! 

What Players Are Saying

Fantastic experience! My kids liked this one more than Getout Games because the clues were given on a TV screen and were part of the riddles to solve, instead of giveaways. The Sherlock Room was really fun! We’ll be back.

Cath Frazier 

Good escape rooms at a great price. We've completed two of the escape rooms, they were fun and decently challenging (experienced group of 4, escaped the harder rooms with about 10 min left). The rooms aren't as elaborate as some others - usually not multiple rooms or intricate decorations. The rooms are themed and do have mutiple puzzles to keep you busy - overall escape rooms here are usually around $10 less per person than other places, in my view totally worth it and nice to mix it up. Staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Brandon Wood

Really enjoyed this place!! The staff was super friendly and very helpful! The puzzles were challenging and the room was laid out great. There were different rooms, so you can definitely return for more fun. We played the CSI themed room, and look forward to returning to try the other rooms!

Ailine Vuki